This website was originally build to make a statement back in 2019.
It has completed its task and will retire.
You can visit the website until the end of October 2021.

What’s going on?

We’re not here to disprove a false statement. There’s nothing to prove. Only to recognize and discover. So let’s give it a go!

How does it work?

Press play on the left here to listen to all of the artists listed below. Take a scroll or search through genres. What are you waiting for?!

Bedazzling list of amazing artists in 3... 2.. 1.

Industry facts

Female producers (out of 651 producers) 2%
Female songwriters (of 2.767 chart songs) 12.3%
Female artists (in pop charts over the last 6 years) 22%

Why create this place?

Is it really necessary to sound the alarms when a guy on TV proclaims that “women just don’t make good music that easily”? Probably not. But anyone who argues that this is just a dumb comment is blind to why it’s causing offence and outrage.

Women aren’t getting the same return on investment that men do when pursuing a career in music. Let’s just skip the bullshit arguments about women not being able to persist, to do the night hours in the studio or long tours, or any of it. These arguments simply don’t hold up..

Women are less likely to make it in the long run, not because they can’t – because they can – but because they’re told they can’t and are not rewarded the same as men when they do hit the home runs. They need to work twice as hard while being overlooked daily, battling rusty ideas of what women can and can’t do.

Here’s our two cents for a brighter future: No more overlooking the huge amount of musical talent that our country harbors in the female form. No more excuses about not knowing enough female artists to book on your festival, play at your radio show, and invite to your TV show table. Here they are, in all of their awesomeness and power.

Women don’t need to fight harder to earn the spotlight.
They need to be seen, heard, booked and rewarded.

This awesome place wouldn't exist without these awesome humans